Honoring Success at the Girl Scouts Women of Distinction Breakfast

Louis Gregory Rice brings nearly three decades’ investment banking and hedge fund experience to Kellner Capital, a New York-based alternative asset firm, according to public filings. Together with his wife Melissa, Louis Gregory Rice contributes to various youth-development organizations such as the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York serves more than 29,000 youth throughout all five boroughs by providing not only opportunities for camaraderie and stewardship, but also access to invaluable educational programs in STEM, business, and entrepreneurship. As a result, Girl Scout alumnae are more likely to go on to pursue higher education, commit to community service, and exhibit higher self-confidence. However, these accomplishments are only possible through the support of dedicated volunteers, which is why the Girl Scouts of Greater New Yok has hosted the Women of Distinction Breakfast on founder Juliette Low’s birthday for the past 22 years.

On October 28, 2015, the Women of Distinction Breakfast will commemorate the accomplishments of women who have served as positive role-models and leaders and announce the recipient of the Future Woman of Distinction Award, which is provided to one Ambassador Girl Scout along with a college scholarship. In addition, this year’s breakfast will debut the inaugural Advancing Women of Distinction Award, which will honor companies that have demonstrated a commitment in closing the gender leadership gap and promoting professional opportunities for women. To reserve a spot or to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, visit girlscoutsnyc.org/wod/.


Robin Hood Foundation Assists Veterans

An experienced financial services professional, Louis Gregory Rice currently serves as portfolio manager at Kellner Capital, LLC, where he manages the global long short equity section of the firm’s multi-strategy fund, according to public filings. Louis Gregory Rice also actively supports several charitable organizations, among them the Robin Hood Foundation, whose investments fight poverty in New York City.

Since its establishment, the Robin Hood Foundation has funded more than $1.95 billion in money, goods, and services to New York residents in need. Among the foundation’s programs is the Veterans Initiative. The initiative includes the Robin Hood Veteran’s Fund. Additionally, in 2012, the foundation held a Veterans Summit to identify gaps in veteran services and to discuss effective strategies for closing those gaps. Partnering with the City of New York government and the local Department of Veteran Affairs, the Veterans Initiative has given funding to more than 20 programs that provide assistance in the areas of job training, mental health, education, and legal services.

The Veterans Initiative also assisted more than 700 veterans in securing housing, helping to nearly eliminate street homelessness among veterans in New York City.

Volunteering at Your Child’s School

Louis Gregory Rice, an equity portfolio and asset manager with Kellner Capital, LLC, regularly engages in fundraising activities at his children’s school, according to public records and colleagues. In the past, Louis Gregory Rice has chaired the Christ Church Day School in New York City’s annual fund.

When parents support or volunteer at their child’s school, both parties win. The school receives much-needed assistance while parents get the chance to meet and interact with the educators and administrators who look after their child or children five days a week. Volunteering can also give parents a chance to impress upon their children the importance of giving back and benefiting the greater community. There are countless ways for parents to get involved at their children’s school.

For eager parents, parent-teacher conference night or a school open house event represent great ways to get involved early during the year. Parents can contact their child’s teacher directly about volunteer opportunities, or make arrangements with the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or parents’ advisory council. As the school year progresses, parents can continue to help by assisting in the classroom, tutoring students, and serving as a monitor on the playground or in the lunchroom. Parents are especially appreciated at large school functions, such as dances for the students or fundraising events.

The Harlem Children’s Zone – Proven Results

A long/short equity portfolio manager with Kellner Capital, LLC, Louis Gregory Rice has over 25 years of experience in equity investments and the financial inductry. While working as the managing director at Lazard Freres and Company, Louis Gregory Rice created an internship program for students from the Harlem Children’s Zone.

Dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through a combination of education and health, family, and community improvement, the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) has helped the Central Harlem area since 1970. The HCZ method is designed to create a pathway to success for children, extending from early childhood through college and beyond. To gauge its success, the organization sets more than 600 goals every year and evaluates the program based on the results, which in turn drives HCZ’s activities and practices in order to ensure that every child has the best opportunities possible. With 70 percent of children in Central Harlem participating in HCZ programs, it served almost 27,000 children in 2014 alone.

Since 2003, the Harlem Children’s Zone has worked to spread its programs nationwide through the Practitioners Institute. Interested community delegations can enroll in a three-hour or three-day workshop to learn about HCZ’s place-based, whole-life approach. In the past 10 years, the Institute has hosted some 600 delegations from the United States and around the world.

School Fund-Raiser Benefits the Robin Hood Foundation

As a long-short equity portfolio manager at Kellner Capital, LLC, in New York City, Louis Gregory Rice conducts research on various industries and invests in global equities. Louis Gregory Rice also contributes to his community by supporting nonprofit organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation, which funds programs that address poverty in New York City.

In a recent press release, Robin Hood announced that it was the beneficiary of a fund-raising campaign led by students at the Dalton School. First-grade students at the school participated in the annual Little Dalton Post Office, a fund-raiser in which the children create and sell mail-related items that can be used for a month of interschool communications.

By selling stamps, envelops, and postcards for a dime, the students were able to raise more than $1,200, a sum they chose to donate to the Robin Hood Foundation. The students selected Robin Hood after using online research tool Charity Navigator to investigate organizations that provide resources to New Yorkers. By donating to Robin Hood, the Dalton School students were able to help furnish food, housing, and employment services to individuals in their community.

Christ Church Day School’s Facilities Foster Childhood Development

Louis Gregory Rice leverages more than 25 years of financial services experience to serve as a long-short equity portfolio manager at Kellner Capital, LLC, in New York City. An active member of his community, Louis Gregory Rice has contributed to a number of initiatives around the city, including fund-raising efforts for his children’s school, the Christ Church Day School.

With nearly 100 children in its care, the Christ Church Day School is committed to providing a carefully designed physical space that optimizes students’ capacity for learning. The school understands the importance of a responsive physical environment, and its classrooms consider the impact of space, color, light, and sound. To accommodate children’s innate desire for outdoor play, the Christ Church Day School also offers a rooftop playground, where students can learn games and enjoy playground equipment.

The school further promotes students mental and physical well-being by maintaining the Movement and Music Room. There, children learn how to self-regulate as they participate in activities designed to increase their emerging motor skills, such as yoga, gymnastic exercises, and body-awareness games. In terms of music, they also sing and play instruments while developing an appreciation for the musical experience.

Robin Hood Foundation Offers Unique Approach to Giving

According to public records, Louis Gregory Rice manages a range of funds at Kellner Capital LLC, including a portion of its Catalyst Fund for private investors and its Long/Short alternative mutual fund. Louis Gregory Rice has also donated to the Robin Hood Foundation, which contributes to anti-poverty efforts in New York City.

The Robin Hood Foundation’s distinctive approach includes funding some 200 of the most effective community groups in the city. It determines these organizations through a process of metrics that quantify how much these initiatives reduce the poverty rate. For example, a metric analysis monetizes the advantages to society of a program that reduces the dropout rate. It looks at the increased earnings and health advantages of high school graduates and multiplies them by the number of those who go to college. The foundation then multiplies this number by the earnings boost for college graduates. The two multiples are added together to arrive at a figure representing the total social benefit.

In making its grant decisions, the foundation also investigates non-tangible factors and seeks to gain in-depth knowledge of how each program works. The foundation regularly revises its metrics to make them more indicative of social change. In 2013, it donated $126 million to qualifying agencies and $56 million to survivors of Superstorm Sandy.