Robin Hood Foundation Assists Veterans

An experienced financial services professional, Louis Gregory Rice currently serves as portfolio manager at Kellner Capital, LLC, where he manages the global long short equity section of the firm’s multi-strategy fund, according to public filings. Louis Gregory Rice also actively supports several charitable organizations, among them the Robin Hood Foundation, whose investments fight poverty in New York City.

Since its establishment, the Robin Hood Foundation has funded more than $1.95 billion in money, goods, and services to New York residents in need. Among the foundation’s programs is the Veterans Initiative. The initiative includes the Robin Hood Veteran’s Fund. Additionally, in 2012, the foundation held a Veterans Summit to identify gaps in veteran services and to discuss effective strategies for closing those gaps. Partnering with the City of New York government and the local Department of Veteran Affairs, the Veterans Initiative has given funding to more than 20 programs that provide assistance in the areas of job training, mental health, education, and legal services.

The Veterans Initiative also assisted more than 700 veterans in securing housing, helping to nearly eliminate street homelessness among veterans in New York City.


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