Christ Church Day School’s Facilities Foster Childhood Development

Louis Gregory Rice leverages more than 25 years of financial services experience to serve as a long-short equity portfolio manager at Kellner Capital, LLC, in New York City. An active member of his community, Louis Gregory Rice has contributed to a number of initiatives around the city, including fund-raising efforts for his children’s school, the Christ Church Day School.

With nearly 100 children in its care, the Christ Church Day School is committed to providing a carefully designed physical space that optimizes students’ capacity for learning. The school understands the importance of a responsive physical environment, and its classrooms consider the impact of space, color, light, and sound. To accommodate children’s innate desire for outdoor play, the Christ Church Day School also offers a rooftop playground, where students can learn games and enjoy playground equipment.

The school further promotes students mental and physical well-being by maintaining the Movement and Music Room. There, children learn how to self-regulate as they participate in activities designed to increase their emerging motor skills, such as yoga, gymnastic exercises, and body-awareness games. In terms of music, they also sing and play instruments while developing an appreciation for the musical experience.


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