Robin Hood Foundation Offers Unique Approach to Giving

According to public records, Louis Gregory Rice manages a range of funds at Kellner Capital LLC, including a portion of its Catalyst Fund for private investors and its Long/Short alternative mutual fund. Louis Gregory Rice has also donated to the Robin Hood Foundation, which contributes to anti-poverty efforts in New York City.

The Robin Hood Foundation’s distinctive approach includes funding some 200 of the most effective community groups in the city. It determines these organizations through a process of metrics that quantify how much these initiatives reduce the poverty rate. For example, a metric analysis monetizes the advantages to society of a program that reduces the dropout rate. It looks at the increased earnings and health advantages of high school graduates and multiplies them by the number of those who go to college. The foundation then multiplies this number by the earnings boost for college graduates. The two multiples are added together to arrive at a figure representing the total social benefit.

In making its grant decisions, the foundation also investigates non-tangible factors and seeks to gain in-depth knowledge of how each program works. The foundation regularly revises its metrics to make them more indicative of social change. In 2013, it donated $126 million to qualifying agencies and $56 million to survivors of Superstorm Sandy.


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