New York City’s Christ Church Day School

Louis Gregory Rice, a portfolio manager with Kellner Capital LLC, brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry to his job. When he is not managing Kellner’s multi-strategy hedge funds and 40 Act alternative mutual funds, records show that Louis Gregory Rice supported the fundraising activities of Christ Church Day School.

Christ Church Day School serves a small student population, currently just under 100 students between the ages of 2 and 5. It was founded in 1949 to offer children early learning experiences in a safe and nurturing environment. The school’s leaders and teachers recognize that their students are in the midst of the greatest developmental spurt of their lives. Many of their experiences in school will be “firsts,” and the faculty carefully craft the curriculum to nourish discovery, exploration, and invention in an atmosphere that respects the children’s own paces.

Located in Manhattan, the school is part of Christ Church United Methodist, and operates five days a week on the sixth floor of the church building on Park Avenue and 60th Street. The school also uses the church’s secure rooftop as a play area. Overall, the school has been described as “traditional, low-key, and nonsectarian.”

Admission to Christ Church Day is very competitive. Siblings are given early decision consideration; otherwise, the school conducts a lottery and distributes applications to the winners in late October; it distributes about five applications for each expected opening. The school holds an open house as part of the application process and interviews each applicant family. It announces admissions decisions in March.


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