The Blue Ridge Labs Design Insight Group at the Robin Hood Foundation

A financial analyst and portfolio manager with more than 25 years of management experience, Louis Gregory Rice has been with Kellner Capital since 2013. As a longtime resident of New York, Louis Gregory Rice lends his support to a number of charitable organizations, including the Robin Hood Foundation, for which he offered summer internships while at Lazard Freres & Co, LLC, according to records.

The largest nonprofit in the New York City area working against poverty, the Robin Hood Foundation has been working nonstop for over 25 years to produce meaningful change for citizens in low-income neighborhoods through innovative relief and diversion programs. Recently, these efforts culminated in a new partnership between the Robin Hood Foundation and Blue Ridge Labs, a nonprofit incubator for technology-based solutions to pressing social issues.

In addition to generating fellowships to fund innovative technology, Blue Ridge Labs hosts the Design Insight Group to bring early-stage technology to its core audience. In order to improve understanding of how new technology fits into people’s lives and make improvements, Design Insight Group members provide honest feedback and share their experiences. In addition to gaining firsthand experience with new technology in various stages of development, the Design Insight Program members are compensated $25/hour. Signing up is as simple as filling out an application form at the Blue Ridge Labs website ( and answering basic questions in a follow-up phone call. Testing opportunities are available year-round for members, and every member receives automatic invitations to free events.


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